Bopath falls

Bopath falls  – Jumping in style..

bopath falls

Bopath falls is one of the popular attractions which draws numerous tourists worldwide because of its natural beauty. Bopath Ella  is a natural wonder situated close to in kuruwita,RathnapuraThe fall derives its name from its unique heart shaped head which somewhat resembles the leaf of the sacred “Bo Leaf” (Ficus religiosa) .

When water level increases…shape become a bo leaf as its name suggest..

BO Leaf

Bopath-Falls  The Bopath Ella is situated at a driving distance from Colombo. Just drive for 3 hours from Colombo and you will reach your desired location. You will have to travel along the Colombo-Ratnapura highway and take a turn at the Higasthenna junction. From here you will have to further continue along the Agalawatte road up to Devipahala village to reach the site.




Bopath fall  entrance

edited Picture 486

Reason why bopath fall has become most attractive place for local tourist is the cachment area of the fall is spreaded around large area and has enough space to bath  for lot of people.

Picture 446

Unpolluted stream coming after the jump..

Bopath Ella (Bo-leaf fall) in Srilanka is one of the major attractions among the international travelers. If you ever visit this place you will be mesmerized by the spectacular sight of this water fall. The gushing sound of water rushing down from the slopes will tantalize your senses and transport you to a different world.

Picture 457

When water capacity is less..fall is like a bridal saree..

Picture 478

Lot of local people come here to refresh themself freely in widly spreaded natural swimming pool

Picture 449

Not only a bath but also a freah water therapy…

Picture 456

  Water coming from falls cascades into the main stream here..   

Picture 481

 Many folk legends around the falls.

One is about a young man from Colombo, who visited the falls and on losing his way was helped and sheltered by a local village girl. A romance developed between the two and she became pregnant before his departure. He left promising to return but never did. Overcome with grief, she took her own life by plunging into the fall.Villagers say that her ghost haunts around the fall. She is supposed to appear as a floating blue light.

Hotels around.  Hotel Minara.


Minara provides all comforts for the visitor. The basic requirements and more, it is there in all 11 rooms. A/C with attached bathrooms, hot water, TV, room telephones and tastefully decorated rooms along with public areas and the restaurant provides a haven for the visitor to the wilderness of the environs.

This is located just 50 meters before the bopath falls entrance and most propably fill with local tourists on weekends.For more information and reservations visit or call 045 2263610, 0777784362

Bopath falls Rock  Chalets

bopath hotel

Bopath Falls Rock Chalets as the name says it is a rustic, nature friendly holiday resort situated on the banks of the beautiful Bopath Falls in a picturesque village in Kuruwita. Bopath Fall Rock Chalets are for outdoor enthusiasts and the area’s abundant lush greenery and flora, the remote wilderness and of course the captivating Bopath Fall are for real adventure holiday





Picture14   Due to many local tourist and because of there activities,bopath falls has become polluted in many ways.They just drop their remainings of food into the water and leave over polythine bags around.




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