Olu Falls

Olu Falls is an impressive sight.It cascades downwards in four streams into a pool at the base known as Olu Dola. The waters then merge with the Wee River, before flowing into the Kelani River, near the Saman Temple at Yatiyantota. The water serves the areas of Mevia and Gilma.A wooden bridge spans the river and during rainy weather the fall’s spray soaks passing villagers even in other seasons there is still enough to sustain them. The water is also used for several turbines in the area and to irrigate the surrounding paddy fields.

The waterfall ,between 15 and 18m wide, and 100m tall,can be found 19km along the road from Yatiyantota town, heading in the direction of pelanpitiya for 14 kilometers after turn from Yatiyantota on the High Level road from Avissawella to Nuwara-Eliya . The Kitulgala rest-house is 34km away from this marvellous waterfall and   situated in a remote village called Malalpola .

olu falls 007This picture is taken from the bridge and it shows the upper part of the fall and lower part has deep steep downwards so i was unlucky to not to have a look on that part.
 Dancing its way through several cascades before finding its way under a wooden bridge along the road, this waterfall adds to the rustic scenery of the village . Not very famous among the people here, it still attracts a considerable number of people going there informed by locals. During the periods when the foliage gets covered by lush greenary and the air gets cooly one is greeted with a momentary drizzle when traversing the wooden planks of the bridge.

The way towards the Olu falls….

olu falls 036

The way towards the olu falls through the pelanpitiya road was greeny , restful and be refreshed.  For the energetic a trek along spectacular scenery through jungle like rubber state paths.

The Natural swimming pools are there against  an incredible natural landscape with mountain fresh spring water in several places.. olu falls 050

Anybody can enjoy bathing real fresh water  in safe places..

olu falls 047

The Vee oya river seen from the swinging bridge over the river..

olu falls 055

During the journey,we can see some marvolous swinging bridges(Sangili palama)  crossing over the river.

olu falls 060 



  1. That is a realy nice area 2 b there

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